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High Efficiency & Energy-saving Single Screw Extruder

   BSJ series of High Efficiency & Energy-saving Single Screw Extruder is developed by our company which absorbing the foreign advanced technology with our practical experience. The special design of screw feeding plasticizing section truly realizes the high efficiency and energy saving of the extruder. So, The series of single screw extruder have the following advantage.

   Lower speed and high extrusion output, stable extrusion output; the output will be directly proportional to the screw speed, The output of extruder does not decrease with the increase of rotating speed and time.

    Low temperature  melt plasticization, Uniform plasticization of materials

The melting and plasticizing process is controlled. Only particles with smaller than separation gap can enter the melt cavity. It truly realizes the low temperature extrusion.

Adopts the ceramic heating and electromagnetism heating, the advanced electromagnetism heating can save 40% of energy.  

Every power of driving motor can realize 4-4.5Kg output.

Adopts digital control,PLC control,PCC industry computer control,it can meet the different requirement of clients.

The series High Efficiency & Energy-saving Single Screw Extruder can produce all sorts of polyolefin material, can produce profiles,pipe,sheet etc.


Main Technical Parameters:


Model             Screw diameter(mm)        L/D Ratio        Drive Power(kw)        Output(kg/h)HDPE

BSJ30×25               30                                 25:1                   2.2                           8-10

BSJ45×33               45                                 33:1                  15                             50-60

BSJ50×33               50                                 33:1                  37                          100-120

BSJ65×33               65                                 33:1                 55                           200-220

BSJ75×33              75                                 33:1                 90                           280-350

BSJ80×33               80                                33:1                110                          420-440

BSJ90×33               90                                33:1                160                         620-640

BSJ120×33            120                              33:1                 250                         900-1000

BSJ150×33            1500                            33:1               400                         1200-1400