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Single Layer/Multi-layer Large Diameter HDPE Water/Gas Pipe Extrusion Line(Ø20-Ø1600mm)

    Based on 20 years of experience in the development and design of plastic machinery, Qingdao BEST company absorbing the advanced technology has developed the new type of HDPE water/gas pipe line. The series of pipe production line adopts High Efficiency & Energy-saving Single Screw Extruder and Gravity Metering unit of Germany INOEX Brand, it can effectively control the pipe thickness, improve the rate of finished products, save the material and industry electric cost, improve productivity and engery-saveing.

   HDPE Large Diameter Gas and Water Pipe produced by this line has the features of the excellent stiffness,flexibility,heat resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance of enviromnental stress cracks,resistance to creep deformation, corrosion Resistance and heat-linkage, and so on,So,it is a preferred gas and water pipe for ductwork system between city and its suburb,large diameter HDPE pipes start to play a very important role in the city water an gas supply systems.

   The series of HDPE pipe production line can produce the two layers, three layers and multi-layers composite pipe or reinforced composite pipe after the line is be updated by changing the pipe mould and increasing the quantity of single screw extruders.


Main technical parameter:                    

Model               Pipe Diameter Range              Speed of Line            Max. Output              Total Installed Power

BPEG-63             Ø20-Ø63 mm                        0.2-15m/h                   120kg/h                           90KVA

BPEG-125          Ø20-Ø110 mm                      0.2-12m/h                    220kg/h                          126KVA

BPEG-250          Ø63-Ø250 mm                      0.5-5 m/min                  300kg/h                         170KVA

BPEG-315          Ø110-Ø315 mm                   0.3-3 m/min                  400kg/h                           220 KVA

BPEG-400          Ø160-Ø400 mm                   0.2-2m/min                   520kg/h                          260 KVA

BPEG-500          Ø200-Ø500 mm                  0.2-1 m/min                   700kg/h                          310 KVA

BPEG-630          Ø355-Ø630 mm                  0.2-1 m/min                  900kg/h                           420 KVA

BPEG-800         Ø400-Ø800 mm                  0.07-0.7m/min               900kg/h                            510KVA

BPEG-1200       Ø630-Ø1200 mm               0.05-0.5m/min               1200kg/h                           650KVA

BPEG-1600      Ø1200-Ø1600 mm             0.03-0.3m/min                1400kg/h                           900KVA