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Large Diameter HDPE Insulating Pipe Production Line

    Large Diameter HDPE insulating Pipe Production Line is a kind of HDPE Plastic Pipe Production line;it is mainly used for producing the HDPE Large Diameter insulating Pipe.The structure of screw adopts BM separation model,high efficiency and high output is significant advantages of single screw extruder.The unique feature of this line:easy forming and easy operation,continuous production and running stably.Large Diameter HDPE insulating Pipe is mainly used for the outer layer of heating pipe,the final heating pipe consists of three layers,the outer layer of heating pipe is HDPE pipe,the middle layer of heating pipe is polyurethane foam layer,and the inner layer of heating pipe is steel pipe.

   Large Diameter HDPE insulating Pipe is used for transporting all of media with temperature range -50℃-150℃.It is widely used for supply heat,supply cold,heating oil transportation,colliery,oil,chemistry industry etc.It is also used for producing the water pipe and drainage pipe.The line consists of single screw extruder,die head,vacuum calibrating water tank,spray-cooling water tank,haul-off unit,cutting unit,stack unit and electric controlling system.


  Model    Pipe Diameter Range     Speed of Line   Max. Output    Total Installed Power

BPEBWG-315    Ø110-Ø315 mm       0.3-3 m/min     300kg/h        360 KVA

BPEBWG-760    Ø315-Ø760 mm       0.3-3 m/min     500kg/h        430 KVA

BPEBWG-138    Ø630-Ø1380 mm      0.2-1 m/min     900kg/h           500 KVA

BPEBWG-1200   Ø1200-Ø1860 mm      0.03-0.3m/min    1400kg/h           610KVA