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PE/PVC Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Summary of Machine Performance

   The Line is base on the advanced technology home and abroad, specially designed by BEST Company as a new type of double-wall corrugated drainage pipe extrusion line. BEST Co. improves the design of corrugated forming structure, such as cooling system, stable forming exchange the spec. and quick assembly etc. The feature of the line is as following. 

   High efficiently cooling design of corrugation mould block, improves the production efficiency.

   Stable forming for corrugation, mould blocks run stably

   Improve the compatibility of mould block and Save the time of changing mould block.

   Optimize assembly design of mould block, Reduce the amount of work

   Online flaring, High precision cutting


  This Line can produce PE/PP corrugated pipe, also produce PVC corrugated pipe by changing the extruder. PE/PP extruder is a new type of high efficient single screw extruder, PVC extruder is taper twin-screw extruder. The line adopts PLC human-machine interface control system, easy operation, running stambly, high level of automation.


   The double-wall corrugated pipe is mainly used for city drainage


Model    Pipe Diameter Range     Speed of Line   Mould Block(pair)   Total Installed Power

BWG-160    OD Ø40-Ø160 mm      1-10m/h        48            180KVA

BWG-250    ID Ø90-Ø250 mm      1-5m/h        48            190KVA

BWG-600    ID Ø200-Ø600 mm     0.05-0.5m/h      36            30KVA