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PE Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line

   PE Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet is a new type waterproof sheet product, it has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings including tunnel drainage, foundation waterproof, dam, pool grain depot, artificial lake and garbage landfill etc.

   According to the special request of waterproof and geomembrane industry, Qingdao BEST Co. have researched and designed one set of high efficient extrusion system with special feeding bush and separation  screw. The exclusive design of calender frame and roller structure are helpful to produce the
extra-width geomembrane /sheet with precision of thickness. 

  Product size: width 1000-8000mm, thickness 0.5-3mm

   The structure of this line is simple and convenient to operation. According to customers’ requirement, the line which is equipped with different components can be used for producing single layer,multi-layer composite production ,and also can produce inner strengthen production or surface compound non-woven fabrics and PVC decoration film by adding the unwinding unit.



Main technical specification

Products width         1000-4000mm          5000-6000mm       8000mm

Extruder specification      BSJ-120X33        BSJ-150X33       BSJ-120X33x2

Max output capacity          800kg/h           1200kg/h       1500kg/h