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PE Pin-Antiskid Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line

  PE Pin-Antiskid Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line is specially designed by Qingdao BEST Co. which absorbs the European advanced technology and combines nearly twenty years of experience in plastic machinery design; it fills the domestic gap.

  PE waterproof membrane which is produced by then line is a new waterproof material with strong anti-permeability, and has the function of skid resistance and grasp the foundation or roadbed; it has been widely used in high-grade roofing buildings, underground engineering waterproof, waterproof roof of the tunnel face, landfills leakage, tunnel drainage, foundation waterproof, dam, pool grain depot, artificial lake and garbage landfill ,etc.

PE waterproofing membrane with non-toxic, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, high tensile stretch strength, formability, light weight.