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PE Plastic Grass Lawn/Mat/Turf Extrusion Line

   The line consists of Automatic feeding system and drying system,Single screw extruder,Two layer composite flat mould,Forming unit,Haul-off unit,Trimming unit,Cutting unit,Winder and PLC electric control system.Two layer flat mould is specially designed with unique internal flow distribution,double-channel design for material,the heating method of the flat die head adopts the heating rods.The unique design and synchronous composite function of forming unit,can compound non-woven fabrice under the plastic grass lawn/mat,then they are firmly bonded.All electric parts of this line adopts famous brand,such as SIEMENSE,SCHNEIDER,ABB,PARK etc;the pneumatic parts adopt the AIRTAC brand of Taiwan,it makes the machine running stably.

     Plastic grass lawn/mat is made of LDPE,the grass leaves that feature excellent elasticity,anti-compression property and anti-abrasion property. The bottom is designed with antiskid patterns,feature by antiskid,anti-abrasion,anti-erosion.

   The useful life is very long.The design of leaves can make the dirt of leaves fall down,it can ensure,the surface of leaves is clean;if cleaning the grass lawn/mat,please turn over it,and beat it,wash it with water.

        Plastic grass lawn/mat has the functions of outdoor dustproof,leisure,sporting and decorative etc.It is mainly used indoor and decoration. for example, artificial lawn, decoration for windowsill and balcony, plastic mat of the living room and bedroom,shoes-cleaning mat;it is also used for commercial building,hotels,dinning place,car,holiday village,swimming pool and kindergarten.Also it can be used in mining ludustry,For example,Gold washing industry.

    It is very beautiful,non-toxic,and convenient for maintenance.


Model   Width of Lawn  Height of lawn   Speed of Line    Max. Output  Total Installed Power

BCP-900   900 mm     10-21mm        0.6-0.8 m/min  100-150kg/h      160 KVA

BCP-1200  1200 mm     10-21mm      0.6-0.8m/min   120-180kg/h      180 KVA