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PVC Spinneret Mat /Carpet Extrusion Line

    PVC Spinneret Mat Extrusion Line is new type product developed by our company ,is specially used to composite the plastic silk and sheet at one time; the PVC spinneret mat is also known as “S”mat, it has the advantages of environmental protection,waterproof,antiskid, soft, durable, easy to clean, easy to use etc.

    PVC spinneret mat has been widely used in car, hotel, family. Such as doorway foot mat, antiskid mat bathroom and square mat etc. Compared with the common carpet, the floor mat has distinct decorative effect, warm and comfortable feeling, long service life and easy cleaning. It is especially suitable for automobile interior pedal pad.


Main technical specification

Products width       1220mm         1800mm           

Extruder specification   BSJ-90         BSJ-120           

Main motor power       55KW          75KW